Property redevelopment process

We revitalize spaces. We convert old spaces into new modern spaces in very less cost. In doing so, we do our business and provide better/ultra modern living to the customers. We provide concepts of Green Building, Energy Efficiency and space efficiency in our designs. We are a team of Architects, Structural Engineers, Contractors, Legal Expert, Environmental Consultant & the developer.

Why Us

We measure your existing carpet area and provide the same carpet area back to you in the newly constructed Group Housing Project. We take very nominal reconstruction cost of around 500/sqft. We involve all experts in the field of construction for your project. Complete transparency and monthly feedback of the construction stages. Follow RERA guidelines and a RERA complaint project. Green building concept incorporated as per GRIHA or LEED guidelines. Promise of High End living in the price of Affordable Segment.

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What happens to ownership of land of interested parties after project completion.

Initial Ownership – Sole
Final Ownership – Joint Ownership of all members of the RWA

What happens to property of interested parties after project completion.

Old is demolished and new property is constructed.

What are the responsibilities of RWA and its members.

To be binded by the joint development agreement till the project is not handed over to RWA by the builder.
Nominal redevelopement fees of ₹ 500/Sqft to be paid to the builder.

Responsibility of the builder

  • Concept design proposal to interested parties.
  • Formation of RWA.
  • Appointment of Architect, Structural Designer and Contractor after signing of the joint development agreement between RWA and Builder.
  • Necessary approval for start of construction.
  • Project Construction.
  • Project Handover to RWA

Check for Location Suitability of the property

I) Do you own property in the Municipality Limit of the city.
II) Is your construction age of the property also very old.
III) Is the property where you are residining, its usage has become reduntant due to poor space planning / old space planning.
IV) Is your property not usable I current form to yourgrowing family members and your future generation requires more personal space.
V) Is your property not having enough green spaces.
VI) Is your property in the old dense locality.
VII) Is your property is nearby/adjacent to other properties similar to above six points mentioned.