Characteristics of an old house

Age of the property old and it is in dilapidated condition.
Property usage has become reduntant due to old unusable architectural design.
Property usage has become reduntant because of lesser space for the expanded family.
Property not having enough green areas and is off old outdated architechtural style

Why house renovation is neccesary?

It increases valuation of property
It improves the usability of the property
It improves life of the building

How house improves after renovation by us?

Vastu Complaint, Green Building and energy efficient concepts incorporated in design provided by us
More green spaces, better space utilisation & more space for vehicular parking
High end living in a very affordable cost
Electricity from Roof Mounted Solar Panels
100% Rain Water Recharge
Building with state of the art Building Automation System for better security and energy efficency

How renovation is done for a single old house?

Demolition of old property
Redesign of property in multiple independent sailable floor units (flats in builder floor apartment)

How renovation is done for multiple adjacent old houses into a single Group Housing Project?

To bring all like minded property owners living adjacent in a locality to a common platform and explain the benefits of Group housing project by the developer
Formation of Building Cooperative Society by the interested members and signing of Joint Development agreement between the developer and elected head of the building cooperative socienty for the development of the Group housing project
Demolition of old properties
Redesign of properties into a single group housing project with independent sailable units (flats in Group housing project)